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Project Description
This custom web part is intended for any SharePoint developers that would like to add opinion poll features in their SharePoint portal.

This solution consists of two visual web parts namely:
i) Poll Admin - to manage polls question and answers, including other poll attributes such as:
a. Published / Unpublished
b. Expiry date
c. Allow multiple selection
d. Publish result to visitors
ii) Poll Voting - for visitor to view active poll (only one at particular time), cast a vote, and see previous poll results (in bar graph)

Poll Question
Poll Result
Poll Administration

All poll questions, answers and votes are stored in SharePoint list:
i) Polls - store poll question and other attributes (list template: PollsTemplate.stp)
ii) Poll Answers - store poll answers (options) details (list template: PollAnswersTemplate.stp)
iii) Poll Votes- <poll id> - store all votes (list template: PollVoteTemplate.stp)

Don't forget to create Polls and Poll Answers list before adding the web parts using the given list template (in SPListTemplate folder). The Poll Votes list is automatically created by the application.

Also include this line in your web.config that points to site location where those list are set up.
<add key="listpoll" value="http://localhost/" /> 

Refer to attachment for screenshots Opinion Poll.pdf.

I'm still a beginner, so I really appreciate your feedback.

Feel free to provide comment in Discussion Area.
Go to Issue Tracker if you encounter any bugs/issues.

If you need any help to deploy this web part, you may post it in Discussion as I'm still preparing the Documentation.

That's all for now and have fun with it =) .

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